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Increasingly, organisations are considering their activities holistically, taking account of the wider economic, social and environmental effects of their actions.


Social Value 


Serves as an umbrella term for these broader effects, and organisations which make a conscious effort to ensure that these effects are positive can be seen as adding social value by contributing to the long-term wellbeing and resilience of individuals, communities and society in general.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are, in effect, a social value charter for the planet.

Public sector bodies can take social value into account through their policy and spending decisions to maximise the benefit for the communities they serve. Businesses can make decisions both about what they do and how they do it in ways that add social value. For businesses with corporate responsibility or sustainability policies, social value reporting is the obvious next step, as it allows them to externalise these policies by tying them to measurable actions and report them in a way that their clients and other stakeholders can relate to.

Our Company's Core Values

Collaboration – We consider our role as an extension to our clients marketing and purchasing departments using our knowledge to specify the requirements and help steer the customer to a sustainable solution.

Ambition - We wish to partner with people who demonstrate the ambition to reduce their impact on the environment and where possible have a positive impact; this includes supply partners, our employees and of course our customers. We also test what we are told in our products and production in order to lead, not follow.

Loyalty/Respect – We remain focused on our team and consider others before acting in our own interest and expect the same in return.

Passion - Loving what we do is our greatest reward and encouraging others to find their individual passion is the foundation of our team spirit.

Integrity – We do what we say, when we said we were going to do it or communicate in advance that things have changed.

Community/Social Value – We put our community first treating our environment, our customers and our colleagues as an integral part of our success.


Our Products Core Values

Detail – We have pre-selected our own range of products assessing the items against our researched criteria from feedback provided by a mix of industry peers and our customers. We know all of our recommended products, understand the branding opportunities and timescales involved in delivering our customers marketing messages.

Quality – We constantly research the market, sampling products and sharing knowledge with our customers and suppliers to ensure our products are the best available with the least impact on the environment.

Sustainability and Ethics – We consider both the ethical and environmental impact of the products through their whole life cycle where possible reducing waste and never forgetting it has our customers name on it.


Our Approach

The four most important parts of our business in their order of priority are:

The Customers (sales)

The Products - we pre-qualify the promotional products using market research as well as our 

experience. Each product is sampled and scored against the following categories:

a) Quality and compliance

b) Perceived value

c) Ease of branding (the no. of branding options including the possibility of full colour)

d) Speed of turnaround

e) Current trends and fashion

The Team (employees)

The Relationships (suppliers)


Our Vision

To offer a transparent sourcing solution for our customers to buy promotional products that are on trend, ethically sourced, sustainable, preferably made in the UK and deliver social value that can be recorded with evidence. 


Our Mission Statement

To help marketing professionals and business owners deliver a lasting impact for the right reasons, because impressions count.