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Quality Statement

Promo2u is a manufacturer of name badges and distributor of promotional merchandise. We provide design and print solutions focuses on the customer by using trend-setting industry know-how and constant improvement methods true to our mission statement “Because impressions count...”

Our business specialises in preselected promotional products the main purpose is to offer
our customer’s quality promotional products that can help deliver their message in the most memorable way. People and processes make great companies and we have created Promo2u with this in mind. The values are embedded into our culture and can be evidenced in our policies and company structure (Quality statement, Our Values and our Supply Chain Management Policy) each employee is selected to fit into our culture and provided with the policies during their induction whilst encouraged to engage, review and improve these during their personal development at Promo2u. Our service is
measurable as we document all communications and invite we always request feedback from our customers via a transparent review site. The most important point we remember is that the products have our customers name on it. We also value our reputation to delivering outstanding quality in both products and service and aim to grow through recommendation.


Quality Assurance Policy

Promo2u are accredited members of the British Promotional Merchandise Association. We assure our customers of a quality service by following the code of conduct and principles below:

A core function of our business is supply chain management. We therefore have quality controls in place for our suppliers of products, materials and services. Suppliers are selected on their ability to meet the company's requirements from a quality, service, price, timescale as well as an ethical and environmental point of view.

A list of approved suppliers is maintained which is compiled on the following criteria:-


Our Core Values and Approach

Our Companies Core Values

Collaboration – We consider our role as an extension to our clients marketing and purchasing departments using our knowledge to specify the requirements but ever mindful that products must deliver best value.

Ambition - We wish to partner with people who demonstrate the ambition to do everything to the best of their ability; this includes supply partners, our employees and of course our customers.

Loyalty/Respect – We remain focused on our team and consider others before acting in our own interest and expect the same in return.

Passion - Loving what we do is our greatest reward and encouraging others to find their individual passion is the foundation of our team spirit.

Integrity – We do what we say, when we said we were going to do it or communicate in advance that things have changed.

Family – We put our family first and treat our customers and colleagues as our
extended family.


Our Products Core Values

Detail – We have pre-selected our own range of products assessing the items against our researched criteria from feedback provided by a mix of industry peers and our customers. We know all of our products, understand the branding opportunities and timescales involved in delivering our customers marketing messages.

Quality – We constantly research the market, sampling products and sharing knowledge with our customers and suppliers to ensure our products are the best available.

Sustainability and Ethics – We consider both the ethical and environmental impact of the products through their whole life cycle where possible reducing waste and never forgetting it has our customers name on it.


Our Approach

The four most important parts of our business in their order of priority are:

1)             The Products

By remaining focused on the products as our number one priority we pre-qualify the promotional products using market research as well as our experience in branding to deliver the most value for our customers. Each product is sampled and scored against the following categories:

a)             Quality

b)             Perceived value

c)             Ease of branding (the number of branding options available including the possibility of full colour branding)

d)             Speed of turnaround

e)             Current trends and fashion

2)             The Sales (customers)

3)             The Team (employees)

4)             The Relationships (suppliers)