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Samples Policy

Single Item Order & Samples Policy

Terms and Conditions

Single items are often ordered to use for evaluation purposes.

We can in a lot of cases provide business to business customers with free product samples, in most cases where the cost is over £5 per item (inclusive of delivery and VAT) we will make a charge and if an order for that item is placed and we are notified of the sample cost we will refund the unit costs, subject to confirmation at time of placing order.

Print: Single item orders may have an existing demo print or be plain stock.

Colour: We cannot guarantee the product colour of the sample. However you can enter your preference in the notes section on the item in your cart or in the email request and if we have that colour in stock we will select it as a priority.

Quantity: You can only add one single item order of each product to your shopping cart at a time. Please call if you need more than one item or email your request.

Delivery: All UK Stocked items will be shipped in 2-3 Days - Non UK stock items may take upto 5 days to reach you in the UK and longer if non UK.

Rights Reserved: We reserve the right to refuse and refund any single product orders at any time for any reason.

If you are unclear about anything, please call us for more information on our samples policy, we want to help you find the right product in the most commercial way.

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